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Reliability Management Platform

Automate On-call Duties
Reduce Alert Fatigue
Improve Iteratively

Our Slack bot saves your precious on-call management time.

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Struggling to bring on-call under control?

Next9 enables a simple 3 step methodology to make on-call stress free
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1. Annotate incidents

Effortlessly tag noisy incidents, attach action items or resolution steps with Next9 slack bot and bring everyone on the same page (2).gif

2. Analyse shift reports

Get a consolidated report automatically at the end of shift and eliminate manual on-call handoff report writing. Save cost by opting out of expensive PagerDuty plan for such report and insights.
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3. Act on insights

Import the reports into your Notion, Clickup, Confluence or any wikis. Discuss the insights with team during handoff meetings and identify concrete action items.



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