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Reliability Management Platform

Make on-call 2X efficient with our centralized dashboard

Automate manual work, get everyone on the same page, and improve time to resolution with a centralized dashboard for all your on-call activity

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What problems does Next9 solve?

Loss of context

Scattered information results in inconsistent view of the world and missed follow-ups

On-call Stress

Hard to discover relevant information makes it daunting to  mitigate issues within SLA. 

Lack of Insights

Unstructured data and tooling gaps cause lack actionable metrics

Lack of Automation

Disintegrated tools lead to tremendous manual and repetitive work.

Key Offerings

Features that help you streamline your on-call process

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Annotate every incident to build actionable insights and effective context propagation. E.g. mark noisy alerts or add mitigation steps with just a click


Ready to use shift by shift on-call summary in one place making handoff conversation streamlined. E.g. easily present on-call summary by severity, annotations or status

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Simplify the discovery of runbooks and relevant incident history for faster mitigation reducing on-call stress. E.g. find resolution steps from previous incidents or runbooks linked to the incidents


Get actionable insights into your on-call process and make data-driven decisions. E.g. readily available metrics on noisy incidents, outdated runbooks or follow up items 

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